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The Boone Brothers began singing Southern Gospel together as "The Boone Brothers" at the age of eight when they were inspired by "The Wamsley's", a gospel group out of Parsons, WV, when they visited their home church at the time in Poca, WV.

The Boone Brothers began their Southern Gospel career with the help and support of their parents Harry and Debby Boone and began traveling to churches spreading their music ministry where invited.
The Boone Brothers Ministry expanded after they moved to Morgantown, WV, when they recorded "His Amazing Grace" in 2005, their first recording.
The Boone Brothers continue to travel to churches wherever they are invited and have spread their message in music to many churches stretching across three states.
The Boone Brothers are excited for any opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in music whenever they can, and continue to look for new invitations to further their ministry.
The Boone Brothers currently reside in Scott Depot, WV.

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